__The video series were designed to mimic the interactive dynamic of an actual tutoring session. As a result, the lessons never "lecture" or teach "at" the student, but rather, keep him or her constantly engaged and energized.

__The programs are intended is to adapt to the ability level of each student, and address that specific weakness. Utilizing the pause feature and prompted independent work, each method guides the student through:

__Step 1- Pure content ("What is the rule...?")
__Step 2- Application ("Here's how that rule gets a little harder...")
__Step 3 - Recognition ("And here's how it will appear in the context of an actual test question....")

__This enables the lesson to engage students of all ability levels, and customize to fit their needs accordingly. Plus, this is all available for a fraction of the cost of a typical tutoring session.

Basis of the Curriculum:

The lessons are based on extensive research of over 40 of the most recent SAT and PSAT exams. This painstaking (and unprecedented) research monitors every rule, topic, and question type, in every variation, and in what frequency.

Overview of what content is covered in each video:

Math Video 1:
__-Overview of the test Itself (format, organization, timing, etc)
__-Test scoring, how the wrong answer penalty works, and how to navigate sections
__-Knowing a rule vs. applying the rule
__-Knowing geometry vs. applying geometry
__-Test language and other math section tips

Math Video 2:
__-"Let" statements, or "Call it a Name"
__-Formula manipulation
__-How to do complicated math without using algebra ("Cheating" Methods)
__-Finding the short approach to attack questions

Writing Video 1:
__-Overview of the writing section (format, organization, timing, etc)
__-Instructions for each type of writing question
__-Strategy for each type of writing question
__-Time saving tips for the writing sections
__-Essay writing strategies

Writing Video 2 covers the most popular SAT grammar rules, including:
__-Pronoun and antecedent agreement
__-Pronoun case
__-Implied verbs
__-Subject - verb agreement
__-Introducing the wrong subject and modifying phrases
__-Passive vs. active voice
__-Common comparison structures
__-Advanced comparison structures
__-Starting a sentence with "That"

Reading Video 1:
__-Overview of the reading section (format, organization, timing, etc)
__-Dispelling the myths of reading comprehension
__-Reading comprehension steps
__-Application with an actual passage and questions
__-Reading comprehension time saving tips
__-Finding the quick points

Reading Video 2:
__-Sentence completion introduction and strategy
__-Sentence completion strategy
__-Types of sentences
__-Types of traps
__-Sentence completion tips
__-How to study vocab