__Daniel Fischer is a graduate of Cornell University, with a Masters from the New School. He has over 10 years of teaching and tutoring experience.

__Daniel’s knowledge of the SAT material is extensive. In unprecedented detail, Daniel has researched over 40 published SAT’s and PSAT’s from the last 7 years, tracking the frequency and application of every rule, formula and question type. His curriculum is designed to diagnose the exact need of each student, from pure content to application, and customizes to fit the exact needs of that student.

__Previously, Daniel had worked for Kaplan as a Curriculum Writer and Product Developer, where he contributed material to their lesson curriculum, online lessons, practice tests, and teachers’ manuals. He wrote the script and acted as the model teacher in the DVD accompaniment to their 2009 SAT and PSAT books.

__For his outstanding performance with his students, Daniel earned the status of Elite Tutor. He worked with students from across the country, in one on one tutoring sessions, group classes, and via online classrooms.